Regular-sized fruit grows on little trees.

In Mrs. Seilig’s back yard grew a huge lemon tree, taller than her house. To pick the lemons growing on the high branches of that tree, you had to climb a really big ladder. 

But there is actually such a thing as a miniature lemon tree, small enough to fit into a flower pot on a little side table.

The tiny tree doesn’t produce miniature fruit as you might expect. It grows regular-sized lemons, just like the lemons on Mrs. Seilig’s huge tree.

There are big trees and there are little trees, and all of them grow fruit that is the same value. 

Things like love and joy and peace grow in the hearts of people who know God. And just as a little tree can have regular-sized fruit, God gives little children the same kind of love and joy and peace as grown-ups! A child’s love is not any smaller than a grown-up’s love. Her joy is not any less than my joy. God can produce the same fruits in all of us no matter how big or small we are.

This is why I love working in ministry with children. They are very spiritual beings, created and loved by God, and full of innocent faith and unbridled joy. Children are a blessing, and the church needs them. Children are not just the future of the church. They are the NOW of the church.

“Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven.”

Henry Ward Beecher

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