Are you a rusty old pitcher?

This is a very basic message that could be tweaked for a children’s sermon about how everyone has a purpose. It could be a group devotional, personal reflection, or any time you need a reminder that you are beautiful and valuable. When you are open and available to be filled with God’s love, God can use you, flaws and all.

This is a lovely vase. It is delicate and slender with a detailed rim and a rich cobalt color.

I have a bunch of cut flowers, and they would look beautiful in such a lovely vase.

Oh, dear. My flowers won’t fit in this vase. It is a very nice vase, but it’s not the one that is needed for this job.

Here’s an old pitcher. It is dented and rusty, and it wobbles a little bit. Not delicate and slender. Not worthy.

But, look! This rusty old pitcher is just the right vessel for the job. And when it’s filled with flowers, it looks beautiful, too.

Oh, wait! There are two flowers left over.

Look where I can put them! It seems there is a job for everyone, big or small, delicate or dented.

Sometimes there is an important job to be done. I might think that someone else would be better at that job. Someone else is more capable, more worthy. But maybe I am exactly who God needs, flaws and all.

Do you know that God can use us for something beautiful—even if we’re not perfect?  When we have God’s love in us, we are beautiful, too. Jesus said that the greatest person is not the one who boasts about being prettiest or smartest or fastest.  The greatest person is the one who lets God’s love fill his heart.

Dear God, Thank you for making me the way I am. I’m not perfect, But I can do your work. When your love fills my heart, I am beautiful, too. Amen.

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