17 observations after painting my office

  1. No matter where you place your drop cloth, paint will fall on an area that is not covered.
  2. A painting project takes twice as much paint as you thought you would need and will be twice as challenging as you expected.
  3. Painters who plan to work in small closets or between built-in spaces should have narrow hips.
  4. There will always be that one spot of paint that gets on your ceiling.
  5. When light reflects off blue painter’s tape onto the edge of your wall, no matter how many coats of paint you use to try to cover the blue, it will look blue until you take off the tape.
  6. If you don’t go slowly with the paint roller, you will have speckled arms, face, glasses, and anything else within the splatter zone.
  7. When you stand up under a freshly-painted shelf, your hair becomes suddenly gray.
  8. When you bump the back of your head on a freshly-painted door, you add more highlights to your hair.
  9. Bending over to reach the bottom of the inside of your closet door frame is not a good idea if the shelves behind you are still wet.
  10. If you paint while wearing a green shirt, you will have a nifty camo look by the time you’re done.
  11. Painting reveals many mysteries like “Who is Cindy and why is her name written on my ceiling?”
  12. When you find bright blue paint behind the shelves on one wall, mustard yellow paint at the bottom of another wall, turquoise paint behind the outlet covers, and a red/blue stenciled design on a 4th wall, you know the room has a colored past.
  13. You can reach a 15′ ceiling if you put a 10′ extension ladder on top of a standard-height desk.
  14. Accept the fact that most of the paint spots on your hardwood ceiling are from the last guy that painted.
  15. When your spouse is even more of a perfectionist than you, he will attempt to sand and restain those old ceiling spots.
  16. That same perfectionist encourages you to put a second coat of paint on the bottom of the shelves in the unlit closet.
  17. Even a chore can be enjoyable when you’re working with someone you love.

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