Seriously. This is a blog you’re gonna want to read.

This is the journal of a 20-something nurse, taking you on travel adventures around the world.

This is the scrapbook of a 30-something wife and mother, raising three successful children (us!) and looking back on the things she did right.

This is the story of a 40-something working mom, sharing her wisdom and experience with Christian family ministry.

This is the diary of a 50-something woman, learning from her millennial children in the modern political climate.

The posts you’ll read here are the reflections of a woman who has done it all: explored, laughed, struggled, learned, and loved her way to 60 years of life today.  

You may join in remembering our favorite family road trips and how they developed literacy in the car, or our holiday traditions and how they taught gratitude.  You may read lessons learned from mistakes, hear stories from the cancer ward, labor, and miscarriages, share in the ponderings of an empty-nester and the growing awareness of a new ally, explore topics of spirituality in children and teenagers, view kid-tested parenting tips, and most likely laugh at some embarrassing stories or pictures of us.

We are constantly in awe of our mother’s strength and inspired by her heart.  And, although it took some persuading, she is ready to share her story! We’re so excited that by reading, you can be inspired by her, too.

Written by Marcia’s loving daughters

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