Fun and (nearly) free: Spring garden party

Spring is a great time to host a fancy garden party for little children.

Invite friends with written invitations, and get ready for a fancy outdoor tea party.

Dress up.

Used teen party dresses are easy to find at thrift stores and can be transformed into long elegant dresses for little girls with no more work than a couple of safety pins or a knot on each strap. Add fancy hats and you’re ready for a party.

Make flower centerpieces.


  • Styrofoam egg cartons in various colors
  • green pipe cleaners
  • tissue paper
  • glue
  • aluminum can
  • construction paper

Cut the egg cartons into individual cups. Poke a pipe cleaner through the bottom of a cup and bend the tip of the pipe cleaner to secure. You can twist on pipe cleaner leaves if you want. Glue a little wad of tissue paper inside the flower. Cover a can with construction paper and insert your bouquet!

Prepare the yard.

We already owned a child-sized outdoor table and several child-sized chairs, but you might ask some of your guests to bring some. A garden party really needs to be outside on a patio, deck, or lawn.

Set the table.

For our party, we filled washable tea sets with apple juice and served it in tiny plastic tea cups. If you don’t have enough cups for every child, check thrift stores or ask your guests if they have any they can share.

Serve finger food.

Food should be miniature and served on paper doilies, in muffin papers, or on little saucers. Tiny finger sandwiches, mini-muffins, or bite-sized cookies are some suggested party foods.

Use your best manners.

Adults can serve the children, using formal-sounding voices and exquisite manners. Drape a towel over your arm to help pour the “tea.” Bring food on trays and serve each child with a “ma’am” or “sir.”

Take time to play!

You’re outside. It’s a beautiful spring day. And kids should be kids. So be sure to spend most of your party time running in the grass, swinging, jumping, and enjoying your time together.

Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’

Robin Williams

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